Cowgate Underpass & Crescent Bridge 2014

In 2014, I was part of an amazing project to regenerate a neglected part of the city centre of Peterborough which was the main underpass, which links people to the main parts of Peterborough central. The area is known as Cowgate underpass and Crescent bridge and I was part of team that won the commission to re invigorate that area.

Stuart Payn a visual artist and maker and also known as Process Smith, led the project and along with other artists from Paper Rhino, Luke Payn and Lee Mason a masterpiece of street art was accomplished and I was not only grateful to help collect the stories that feature in the design but one of my poems was painted onto the Crescent bridge which is the main bridge over the railway tracks. The poem is called ‘There is Poetry in the walls’ and it was commissioned for a HLF project that was looking at the protection of buildings the poem seems to resonate with people and has even been featured in a book by Professor David A Scott

The poem is also featured in a publication called:Art, Authenticity and Restoration

Here is one image of the final poem: Buildings in Need poem and a link to google maps where you can see it in real time, Street view of Poem on Crescent bridge and its a pleasure for me to pass it when I am on my travels and also not a lot of people know that it is my poem so when I hear people asking about it or photographing it, I am filled with a glow.

This leads directly to the train station and features the main title.
And by night….