June 2014

I have become obsessed with swimming in Peterborough Lido and I suggest that if your in this fine city of mine, then pop in and feel like a Mermaid!









May 2014

This is me being very naughty in the presence of  Councillor Gavin Elsey and Stuart Orme at the private view of the Underpass exhibition, which I have been helping with. The mouthful of sky is courtesy of Newstead Abbey and  can I just say Byron you had a lovely gaff.


May 2014

With my boy at The GreenBack yard for May day, our beautiful friend Charlie was making us laugh and it was such a stunning day, please check out the GBY at:



April 2014

This is my dad in rehearsal for River Lane… I just know what he is thinking.


March 2014

It was my birthday on the 2nd and I spent it in a gypsy caravan in Suffolk then in Southwold and I took this picture of me chasing a rainbow.


February 2014

This is a picture of me performing with Robin Grey in 3 Acres and a Cow at Grow Heathrow, which is an amazing space and project. It was a tad cool!


January 2014

Getting ready for my video cameo, thanks to Vikki Harold for my awesome make up!




October 2013

These are a selection of photos that look quite happy and fun but essentially they are me slightly stalking my girl crush, Delaine Le Bas, she is an international visual artist that is also a social activist with a real understanding of the barriers that are put in place for people who are Romany or Gypsy and these were taking during her residency at Metal in Peterborough and I was also performing that night for Sundown Arts, who are also tickety boo too and anyway I blooming love her!

Please check out her page for more info:

IMG_0962 IMG_0964

March 2013

Here are two pictures to prove that collaborative working is rife in Peterborough, the first being a pic of the first Find Me Keep Me meeting, with over 50 artists at Chauffeurs Cottage, please take a look at things I am upto page for more info.

artist1st meeting


This second picture is me horsing around with the ‘Parkway Dreams’ cast, which is the next Eastern Angles Theatre Company play, which is touring Peterborough in April, to find out more, please go to:

(also I realise I am wearing the same dress in both pictures, but hey I loved this dress in March, what can I say?)

Parkway Dreams first day rehearsal

So in Feb 2013, myself and the incredibly creative ladies from Handmade in Peterborough yarnbombed some very influential people in Peterborough, including the Mayor. To find out more about the yarn bomb and Handmade in Peterborough, then please go to:

Yarn Bomb!

Yarn Bomb!


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