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The Girl from Eye

Hands stitched with clay, pushed into foundations of two arms.

Made of red earth that cradled tigers and monks in their time.

Built upon bricks laid in fens, fingers outstretched pushing into wetland.

Eyes standing off a familiar face, two little islands of hazel light.

Calling out to tribes, soft and still, beating drums, bringing a family to arms.

A voice singing in holes of knots wearing shrouds of whispered folklore.

Lips curved in sugarbeets, fresh and sweet words dug from fertile mud.

Her mother gave her curly hair, growing live ivy wrapping around plumped up cheeks.

Her Father gave her ears fit for a trophy,shining back from faded photos.

Feet that run from home,leaving Hereward in her wake.

The birds flying,fleeing out of corn, near the drove into a pastel blue sky that touches everything.

She cannot escape the quiet comfort of snow falling on the bakery, the best white icing.

Nor the new road where she drew chalk faces on pavements trying to crack a smile of a villager.

Maps of roads read in veins,pulsing to the very heart of the girl from Eye.

By Keely Mills

Copright July 2011




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