About Me

The Girl From Eye

Alright Mush! This  blog is about me, Keely Mills who is the girl from Eye. So whats so special about this bumptious lady from the fens?

I write, perform and love poetry and I was born in a  flat and beautiful village that the Romans called their ‘little Island’. This landscape and love for it has permeated through all of my poetry and I wanted to dedicate a blog to my poems, the stuff I get up to and also it means I don’t drive myself mad!

I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager as I could not always tell people that ‘I loved them’ or how my parents might be getting on my nerves. As this might end up being embarassing or detrimental to me getting a tea, so I used writing as a way of cathartically releasing the feelings inside.  This path has lead me to lots of crossroads, one being a lecturer, then a Poet Laureate for Peterborough and then a creative producer, performer and cultural activist.

People that I am working with, eventhough they are not from Eye.

At the moment I work for Eastern Angles Theatre Co, as their girl in Peterborough and all round project manager, so this blog may burst with theatrical posts too.Check them out at: http://www.easternangles.co.uk/


If you want to know more about me or even work with me, then please email me at: keelyjanemills@gmail.com

More About Me

The things I can’t stand

Jeremy Clarkson, the song the ‘lady is a tramp’ , liquorice, double booking appointments, people who don’t like Christmas, horror movies and TV adverts

The things I love:

Spike Milligan, house music and the Stone Roses.. or student music as my friend calls it, homemade lasagne, meeting new people, hanging miseltoe, baking cakes, sewing bunting, listening to Radio 4 and Radio 6, buying bargains, touching beautiful fabrics, smiling at people at festivals and parties, dressing up as a 50’s housewife, my cat, my boy and my family.


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