Artwork: The Curves of Life by Luke Payn- Luke Payn Cartel/Products


Its hard right now, to focus on what unites us. Its easier to find differences when we are being divided according to what money we have, what opinions we have or don’t have and what is happening in the world that is fuelled by hatred. These acts of violence that want to push into a darkness, a fresh hell of prejudice. I don’t have the answer for how to end these divides and I probably sound like a George Harrison song when I try to sort it out. I only have words, I only have love, I only have this little world around me to try and change.

 Here is a little poem about Bodies and what unites us and yes its about swimming and the Lido, it was also part of my Residency radio programme on the BBC last Autumn.

Anyway. Its based on a group of youngsters who were jumping into the pool together, holding hands and enjoying the feeling of togetherness. For me it was a perfect and a  united moment that filled me with hope.  I wish the same for you all too and that you find those moments of unity where ever you see it or feel it.

Go and listen to it at my sound cloud page: Bodies Poem





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