Peterborough Lido has a Poet in Residence!


I am so utterly proud to announce, that I, Keely Mills, self confessed Lido fanatic, will be the Poet in Residence for Peterborough Lido over the summer of its 80th year. SO EXCITED.

With the help of Peterborough Presents and the sports team at Vivacity Culture and from tomorrow which is when the Lido re-opens and there is more info on that here:

I will be starting a summer of swimming, poetry and recording the stories that fill this wonderful building. Throughout June I will be at the Lido as much as I can and I will either be writing poems there, talking to the staff, the regulars and recording their stories. Alongside me there will be four other poets, Charley Genever ( Peterborough’s present Poet Laureate) Ron Graves (Poet In Residence of the Draper’s Arms) Ross Sutherland & Toby Wood. They will also be creating poems about the Lido from their own perspective and these too will go into the overall project.

In July these will be recorded by the incredible Beat This (here is their website: )    then this sound-scape of poetry and spoken word will be played over the tannoy of the Lido throughout August, whilst people swim, dive and eat chips. There will also be a poetry event over the closing weekend of the Lido, where there will be a picnic, cake and poetry performances to say goodbye till the next year.

So how can you get involved?

1. Keep an eye on this blog or my twitter account: @keelyMillsPboro and come and join me at the Lido for a swim which I will post when I will be there. Also please send me any of your stories into me via Twitter, this blog or my email account:

2. Be one of our recording stars, we will be asking people to help us by recording the poems, the info for that again will go up via here and twitter and facebook.

3. Come along to the poetry event, the date for that will be confirmed next week.

Right I am off to get my swimsuit ready and my pencil case waterproofed.

Viva La Lido!!