Sometimes you just need to shut the door.


Right so my last blog was in August with a rather smug and excited excerpt about the creation of my new show, ‘You Can’t be Suprised by a Selfie’ and well the reasons for that absence are many, mostly a holiday to Portugal, work being crazy and then the actual writing of the show.

The writing has been a brand new experience for me, a bit like bungy jumping in your most comfortable pair of slippers, I suppose what I mean by that is the creation process feels familiar because I am writing poetry yet putting it in a new style and extended it to a hour long show is not so friendly. This has been daunting and I have had lots of moments where my husband has had to use his teacher voice to stop the self-doubt and potential tizzy fits!

I have learned so much, for instance if your not sure about a creative idea talk it through with people you know who get you. Having a good discussion can unlock an idea, cut an idea or just make you feel less alone. Secondly I have started to use this phrase, which was given to me by my mentor Ross Sutherland, sometimes just shut the door! What he means is that we can re-write, add that extra bit of paint, change the melody slightly but at some point we need to stop striving and just close the door on the creative process and just distil it down and have faith. I also recommend this as a mantra when you are feeling like everything you write is rubbish or that you feel like a fraud, because this is normal for an artist to go through but use it as a spur to your work and at the point that you are really saying horrible things to yourself, then just slam the door in its face! This is now my new catchphrase, ( I think this was Larry Grayson’s catchphrase too…) when some of my friends keep extending an idea and are driving themselves mad in the process, I just say this to them and it seems to go in.

Well I shut the door on Selfie last week for edits and I am so happy to say that I am looking forward to performing this Thursday to a sold out audience! I have had so much support, kindness and coffees to get to this point and I owe so many people so much and believe you me, my door will always be open to them!

If all goes well with the scratch show on Thursday then the hope is that I will create a tour for the show next year and then I will be opening lots of new exciting doors I have never darkened before.