This broad is going Barefoot.

I am so looking forward to this forthcoming weekend as I am taking my feet to the luscious fields of Leicestershire for an incredible event which is called ‘Barefoot Festival’ this is their mission statement: Barefoot Festival™ is all about getting back to basics, getting grass in between your toes and taking time out from the pressures of modern life! Try something you’ve never done before, spend quality time with the family, meet like minded new friends. You won’t find big fancy sponsors at Barefoot Festival™, we’re a grassroots community gathering and all profits are ploughed right back into improving the facilities at our events. Relax, unwind and refresh yourself with a weekend in the beautiful great British countryside!

This is exactly what I intend to do, I have performed at this festival before and it was one of the best gigs of my life mainly because of the incredible atmosphere that exuded from the audience and the tent was stunning to perform in. This year I am actually compereing the cabaret night which is such a honour and my boy will be djing an electro swing/ vaudeville set. Then to add to all of this some of my crafty homies from Handmade in Peterborough are also joining the weekend so its going to be a weekend of frolics, laughs, yarn and pom -poms.

If you would like to find out more about Barefoot then please go to their webpage:


You can’t be surprised by a selfie.




Well it is with great glee and a little bit of hard work that I can announce that I have been awarded a research and development grant from the Arts Council. Thanks the lovely people at the Arts Council.

This will be an action research process whereby I will be mentored,  have time to write, take the opportunity for my work to be edited and have a rehearsal stage which will culminate in a scratch show in the Autumn.

The title of the show is ‘You can’t be surprised by a selfie’, and I will be comparing and exploring the ideas around a Global village VS a real village, self image, relationships with the world around us and also I will tell the audience’s fortune too by exploring the elements that make up fortune telling. Sounds bonkers and it will be, alongside this I am working with a wonderful artist called Ann Bellamy and she is creating 6 masked characters that will appear in the show too. Ann will be mentored by the fantastic and highly experienced Trestle Theatre, who will  help  Ann with the mask’s construction and with the mask work in the show as well.

My mentor will be the incredibly talented poet Ross Sutherland. Mr Sutherland will be supporting the creative process and has already helped me to unlock parts of the show. I also get to work with the Clare Cottage near Peterborough on my writing residency which is very exciting to me as the idea of going somewhere that inspirational  to write is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

You all get a treat too, as both of the mentors involved in this project,Trestle and Ross Sutherland will be hosting master-classes for artists and writers local to Peterborough in the Autumn so please look at for these.  Myself and Ann Bellamy will also be delivering workshops and hopefully these will all be for free and at suitable times.

I have to thank Metal Peterborough and namely Mark Richards their director here, as his invaluable help and time has really taken my little idea onto a whole new level. I will also be performing my scratch show at the Metal space so a big thanks for allowing that to happen.

My next step is to read more about and dig deeper into the ideas of fortune telling and also how ‘Selfies’ are a new phenomenon that is already having a strange affect on society, so if you have any opinions on either of these themes then please comment here. I will also be meeting with and interviewing Delaine and Damian LeBas who are both British Romany artists about their thoughts on fortune telling so expect a little blog about this in the future.

Many thanks to all those people who have helped me with the application and I am so looking forward to working on this new phase of my creative career.

Please take a look at the websites of those I am working with:

Ann Bellamy-

Ross Sutherland –

Delaine LeBas-

Damian LeBas-
Trestle Theatre-

Metal Peterborough-

The John Clare Cottage-








The Gypsy, the gardener and the song line, performing at a ball near you.

This little poetry bear has a very busy week coming up, I am performing at three wonderful and very different events starting this coming Sunday and I just wanted to share my complete awe at being asked to be part of each one.


The Gypsy.

Come and join in the fun, mystery and intrigue that is the Gypsy Ball where you can have your fortune told by myself, listen to storytelling, poetry and even design your own vardo/ caravan. The event is part of the artistic journey that the international artist Delaine LeBas has been interpreting in her project, To Gypsyland, I was very humbled to be part of this project when it visited Peterborough and very happy to be re-visiting Gypsy Land again, its this Sunday the 6th of July from 2-6pm at Brockwell Park. To find out more, please check this info out and the facebook event too:

On Delaine Le Bas‘s journey in To Gypsyland she met with the ghost of Corlinda Lee, hostess of the popular Victorian Gypsy Ball’s.

As part of To Gypsyland Delaine, Barby and 198 Contemporary Arts & Learningwould like to invite you to a Gypsy Ball, in Brockwell Park with music from Tatcho Drom, and Mic and Susie Darling, poetry from Damian James Le Bas, poetry & fortune telling from Keely Mills, and more. Join us for an afternoon of merriment, bring a picnic and enjoy an exploration of Gypsyland. Hosted byBrockwell Park Community Partners


The Gardener.

The very next day on the 7th of July, I am performing at Hampton Court Flower Show with Moony Opaque and Ross Sutherland as part of a innovative garden that has been designed by an artist called Jeni Cairns and Sophie Antonelli from the Green Backyard. Its the press day so I might bump in Monty Don and Nigel his dog, which would give me more joy than I can imagine, especially if I can feed Nigel an apple! After the press day the garden will be open to ticket holders for the show and will eventually make it’s way back to Metal Peterborough’s office frontage, which is presently a car park and will then be used to relax, recharge and perform in. For more information on the amazing venture then please check out these blog’s and links.


The Song Line.

Then finally to top off my week in real style, I am privileged to return to the Travelling People, a truly moving show I performed in April. Now by merging the show with the fantastic Songlines Choir and their summer show. So if you attend you get  two shows in one. The first is an imaginative contemporary reinterpretation of the legendary 1964 radio ballad ‘The Travelling People’*, with original music, poetry and song. The second is a new set from Songlines: Celtic-infused balladry with jazzy vibes and exhilharating harmonies.

The evening will also include me ole mucker Damian LeBas and also the Gypsy family band Romany Diamonds, so its going to be an incredible evening, also please take a look at an image of the venue below, if that does not convince you to join us, then I am not sure what will.



You can buy tickets from


Well this little bear had better get ready, See you soon you crazy cats!